Cocker Spaniels
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This domain may be for sale or lease! CLICK HERE The american cocker spaniels history can be traced back to the 1880s when the English cockers were imported from England. It was a short time before the US sportsmen had developed their own variety of the english cocker to suit their own needs in America. The cocker breed was recognized as two different breeds [english and american] in the1940s. The cockers were used for flushing woodcock, hence the name cocker. The american cocker spaniel is highly popular as a pet and show dog. The coat is long, dense, silky, flat or wavy. The colors are: black, red, cream, black and tan, brown and tan, particolors, and tricolors. The average american cocker spaniel weighs about 25 lbs. and is 14 inches tall at the shoulder. Other breeds of dogs may also be found on this website.
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